Heidi Velz

Heidi Velz

„People’s wishes are a joy to me!“

Private Concierge MINGA VIP

The Concierge is commonly the soul of a hotel. The more luxurious and more exclusive the accommodation, the more important becomes his/her role. Excellent contacts, discretion, creativity, empathy, reliability, and cordiality are must haves to win the guest’s confidence – and a given in order to retain that trust in the long run.

Heidi Velz looks back on 20 years of experience working in several five star hotels located in Munich. During this time, Heidi inspired numerous guests with the best insider tips, transformed challenges into success stories and turned a regular stay into a unique, unforgettable experience for her clients. Whether the guests’ wishes were conventional or extraordinary – thanks to Heidi’s excellent connections and her charm and passion for her vocation, she was able to fulfil requests discreet, targeted and under extreme time pressure.

Experience and contacts are the foundation on which Heidi Velz established MINGA VIP. With greatest care, as a freelance concierge, the native Belgian offers worldwide concierge services which stand out because of the excellent implementation. But above all, Heidi Velz’s personal commitment of providing customized offerings to her clients and Heidi’s dedication to assisting with questions and concerns everywhere and at any time distinguish MINGA VIP in the field of concierge service companies.

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